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Founded in Gijón, Asturias (Spain), on December 2000, The Stormrider soon started to be recognized as one of the most promising acts to hail from their country, achieving the prestigious 'Nivel 0' award for "Best new band" in 2001.

Their first album Criseida (2003) made it into the Top 10 of the Tipo spanish charts and was released worldwide, receiving unanimous press praise and fantastic fan response all around the world. Criseida was written in the form of a conceptual album -an opera- and was full of stylish power metal tracks and dark atmospheres.

The band opened for Spain's nº1 spanish-singing rock band Avalanch in their national 2003-2004 tours. The Stormrider's success led them to open all gigs during the 2004 Epica spanish tour. Once again, fan reaction was more than good.

Soon after, the band announced a new line-up.  But the The Stormrider remained silent until 2008, when the band was put on-hold so the members could focus on their new musical project: ANGELDARK.


'Criseida' line-up:

Rubén González - Vocals
Santi Fano - Guitars
Marcos Cuadrado - Guitars
Ana Fdez. Palacio - Keyboards
Eduardo Benito - Bass
José Ornia - Drums


2004 - ... line-up:

Santi Fano - Vocals and guitars
Marcos Cuadrado - Guitars
Ana Fdez. Palacio - Keyboards
José Ornia - Drums


Susana Mortem
- Vocals
Aníbal Álvarez
- Vocals (Tour 2004)
Dani Álvarez
- Bass (Tour 2004)

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